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New Years' Weekend
December 30 - 31 2099

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The End of a Century is Upon us: Celebrate December 31 with: RBShepherd visit RB at
"RBShepherd's RL birthday --- Happy New year and Happy Birthday to me LOL "

Thanks twohot, Chase, Purple_Iris, GreatGodBal and RBShepherd for keeping our celebrations page active !


by LadySilverSplash, Cybertown Mayor

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End of The Century Contest
by jdb_educator, CVN Editor

---Friday December 30--- WE just gotta have an end of the century contest!!! Soooo: What are the greatest changes or inventions that will greet us in the year 2100? All answers are worth 25k CCs.

Post your responses to the editor and get 25k!
Post the Editor's inbox:
or email him at
Please use 2100 as your subject!

See even MORE Contests at

New Year Traditions
by jdb_educator, CVN Editor

---Friday December 30--- dixie_darlin posted us - and we always enjoy getting inboxes and mail - she told us a German tradition, and that prompted some research!:

"The burning of a bayberry candle is a most important tradition in my household. It must be lighted after supper and allowed to burn itself out. If it does this naturally you are granted a new year of good luck.

Only once was this tradtion neglected and the year that followed was one of toil and trouble. We learned the hard way not to extinguish that candle that year."

Thanks dixie!! CVN Research:

Out of Space
by jdb_educator, CVN Editor

CVN techs identified the problem with our Daily News. We were out of available space in the daily news folder! Our publisher Vialle is working on solutions. CVN and our readers will find out what that solution is soon. In the meantime we will continue using our alt Daily URL. For those of you who have clicked the regular Daily URL, you can see the daily news issue for May 29th 2090 (NINE years ago!) at Click quick, it could disappear at any time.

Our alternate site currently in use is

End of Year CONTESTS
by jdb_educator, CVN Editor

---Thursday December 29--- WE just posted the contest to the colonies and feedback boards this morning. Here are a couple of Early contests for our readers for the new year:

  • 1. What are you doing to celebrate the new year?
  • 2. Will you make any New Years resolutions?
  • 3. Are you watching any NCAA Bowl games?(college football)
Post your answers to the editor and get 10k for each answer!
Post the Editor's inbox:
or email him at
Please use contest as your subject!

See even MORE Contests at

Nine Year Old Contest?
Winner Named!

by jdb_educator, CVN Editor

---Friday December 30--- preciousssssss posted us with the subject: name painting and artist telling us "I have no idea how long that ballerina painting has been up re name artist and the name of the painting in news. " (we didn't either but figured 9 years was close enough. The answer offered us the opportunity, naw, it required us to hunt and confirm preciousssssss' resonse.


We awarded preciousssssss the 1000 CCs promised for a nine year ago contest for the picture identification and declare preciousssssss THE WINNER! (we suspect there have been other winners over the last several years.)

Daily Location Not Working
CVN Moves Temporarily to Alternate Location

by jdb_educator, CVN Editor

---Friday December 30--- Here is our alternate site for the New Years Edition. The weekly index and the daily alt will both continue as our "just in case" options and the weekly will not be updated until next week, unless the Cybertown server slips away to the bar again this weekend . We admit we clearly lied in our earlier post about not using the cvnweekly/Cybertown URL! When the Daily News folder got full, we pulled out the stops, threw down the gloves and grabbed at the alt URL to keep you up to date!! There were a few additional problems you might have seen as we uploaded to wrong folders and had to fool around with renaming achived pages. If you missed that, hooray!

Daily Alternate:
Weekly News:


January Board Contest Next ...
December MB Challenge Captured

by jdb_educator

--- December 29 2099 ---- Adventure won in December. We have one more MB contest planned Be sure to inbox us, catch us in chat, or email us that your colony is a candidate for our 1,000,000 CC payout in December.

We now have image links for October and November. Any participating colonies MUST inbox us to tell us they are playing or we ain't gonna pay out our MONTHLY 1 million CC cash prize! To post the Editor's inbox:
We will take a look at all the colony boards, on January 15, looking to see and hopefully screenshooting.

Completion dates and themes:

  • on January 15 "New Year's theme" will be reviewed (completion date January 14).

End of Year Coming
by jdb_educator, CVN Editor

---Thursday December 29--- Here in Cybertown it means not just the end of the year, but the end of the decade and the end of the century. We move from 2099 to 2100. We will be looking at the changes that have happened, and predicting some of the changes that are coming. Contests for you will be part of the fun. So bear with us as we continue on, despite the challenges of a temporary URL Change.

This Weeks Archives
by jdb_educator, CVN Editor

Having no access to the Daily News server, part of the requirements we live with, our archives this week go to our own site:
Monday and Tuesday's Edition:
Wednesday's Edition:
Thursday's Edition:

Season Greetings
From A Cybertown Friend

by jdb_educator, CVN Editor

--- Friday December 23 --- Now it would be telling, if I told you who the friend was. We also send our most sincre warm greetings to this long time contributor and friend of Cybertown. Besides, our Cybertown friend has amessage and gifts for you, so, without too many more words, HERE it is:

Contests for NOW
And the New Year!

by jdb_educator, CVN Editor

--- Thursday December 29 Updated --- Where are these web page explanations??? Details on these contests are just a click away! Here ya go:

In our Santa Quiz: ferretlady, deexx, PrettiePaws spiritblue, Magicquest and Pyxidis were all paid 10k for basically viewing the short video of NORAD Santa Tracking.

Ettu_klaatu submitted a 3d Christmas house with help from a friend to earn ONE MILLION CCs. Here's the picture (3 views):

HOUSE OF Ettu_klaatu

Something to Note Today
by GreatGodBal, Deputy Mayor

--- Thursday December 29 --- Funny how things go sometimes. This morning I intended to look up "how to ring in the New Year." But Google decided to add 'for the best luck' to my search. And I am glad I did :)

In a wonderful article at I found many ways to help you bring luck to your house for New Years. The cardinal rule seems to be that NOTHING should leave your house -- even people -- on New Year's Day. But of course there are ways around this. We'll start with house guests.

No person should leave your house after the stroke of midnight. Everyone has to stay put until a new guest signs in. Then it is ok for people to start to leave.

Now then... you're covered for luck. But if you want the best luck regarding visitors, here are keys. Your first guest after midnight should be a tall, good looking, dark haired, male. Snopes recommends aiming a gun at the visitor to make them leave if they are female because a first female visitor at New Year's spells disaster for the forthcoming year. Blonde and redheaded "first footers" also bring bad luck.

The visitor should also be bearing gifts, like "a lump of coal, a silver coin, a bit of bread, a sprig of evergreen, and some salt." All of these are tokens of coming good fortune in the new year.

The first footer should knock rather than use a key. He should greet everyone, drop off his gifts and leave by a different door than he came in. Now that you are very well covered for luck, others at the party can leave.

The more awkward rule for bringing good luck for the new year is nothing, not even garbage, should leave your house on January 1. Snopes says you should not even shake a rug out, out of doors. The point is that things should be coming into your home rather than leaving to spell the best fortune in the upcoming year.

There are ways around this. If you live alone, for example, you could place a basket of goodies outside your door just before midnight, tying a string to it. Once midnight has passed, the lonely celebrant can haul in his or her catch using the string. But he or she must NOT cross the threshold themselves. This breaks the first rule that no one should leave before someone comes in.

It is probably more lucky to continue to wait to January 2 to take things outside. But as long as at least one thing comes in before you take things out, you are covered :)

Something to Note Today
by GreatGodBal, Deputy Mayor

--- Friday December 30 --- Coffee drinkers unite in celebration! Today is a day to hoist your mug and toast the minds that not only thought of planting coffee in Hawaii, but those that also preserved a small crop of it though it was unprofitable.

Coffee connoisseurs often argue over where the best coffee comes from. Some state that Jamaican blue coffee is the best. Others argue for Kona coffee from Hawaii. Those of you on the Hawaii side should note today as the first day coffee was planted in Hawaii (some say 1817, others 1825).

From the first planting, coffee spread rapidly through the islands. But when Hawaii was annexed by the United States in 1898, we almost lost the whole crop. The more profitable crop was sugar cane and all but a few family held crops of coffee were ploughed under in favour of the canes.

That's right: nearly six thousand acres of coffee were ploughed under to plant cane. All that was left was some 5 to 15 acre farms leased by families.

Fast forward now to 1980. Kona coffee is now recognized as one of the finest gourmet coffees in the world. And the sugar cane crop was diminished so that premium coffee is grown and roasted on six of the eight main Hawaiian Islands; Maui, Lanai, Molokai, Kauai, the Big Island and Oahu. Coffee farms range from 155 acres to 3,100 acres in size and that represents millions of coffee plants.

Myself I wonder what it would smell like to stand amongst the 3,100 acres of the Kuai Coffee Company during the harvest of the 4 million coffee trees. But as close as I can manage is the smell of coffee brewing in the kitchen as I wake. But even that is wonderful :)

by LadySilverSplash, Cybertown Mayor

Honor Title Application DEADLINE: December 31st

If your Virtday is on or before Dec. 31 & you qualify for this round of honor titles, be sure to APPLY NOW!

Keep watch on the MBs for the Honor Awards Gala date & time in January!

Real World News
by jdb_educator
---Updated Daily 2099--- News links for today and everyday.

BBC (Great Britain):
Guardian (Great Britain)

CVN Movies Feature
by jdb_educator

---Updated Daily 2099---Send us a review, if you go to the movies!

Check the sites below for trailers, stories, and box office results.

You can see what the current cash cow results look like at the box office by clicking: Reviews are also available!

Anyone want to write reviews? One or two lines are enough to present an opinion. What do you go see? Tell us at CVN! To post at the Editor's inbox: . To email him at What are the coming movies that you are waiting for their release? Please use Movies as your subject!

Bowl Month
American College Football

by jdb_educator
For those of us who are college football fans, here is one easy link to keep you up to date on all of the 35 college bowls. In our last look they added a sub-division championship game.

This Day In History?
by jdb_educator
---Updated Daily 2099--- Take a look and find out what happened today, in history, at

Virtual Worlds Greeting
by skye-hook

Happy Holidays to all

Something to Note Today
by GreatGodBal, Deputy Mayor

--- Wednesday December 28 --- Of course it is! I looked up the food holiday for December 28 and should have expected what I got: today is National Fruitcake Day.

It seems like the fruitcake has lost its zest for most people these days. But at one time the fruitcake was a novel way to use preserved fruit and even caused a controversey. Hard to believe when most people joke about using a fruitcake as a doorstop.

But yep. The controversey came about in 1490 when the Pope (Innocent VIII) banned the use of butter in recipes to aid people in fasting. You can't make a fruitcake without butter and German people especially were outraged. No butter equals no stollen! The Pope finally relented in the "Butter Letter" of 1490.

A few years later vast quantities of sugar were identified in America. And a sidebar discovery was a boatload of sugar was a good way to preserve fruit... and great for fruitcake makers!

To participate in National Fruitcake Day, all you have to do is dig out and use up the fruitcakes sent to you by your favourite Aunt Maude or Grandma... and eat them!

To me this is no big deal. I love fruitcakes and have even had them for birthday cakes a time or two. But if you can't stomach the idea of (another) fruitcake, you could always save them up and join in the festivities on the first Saturday of January. That's the scheduled date for the next Great Fruitcake Toss :)

Something to Note Today
by GreatGodBal, Deputy Mayor

--- Tuesday December 27 --- What a mish-mash! Ever wonder why we celebrate both a Winter Solstice AND a New Year? Technically both are new year celebrations. But it's ok if you never wondered. I just did it for you :D

The first thing you have to understand is that every culture, both before and after Christianity, has some form of celebration to greet the winter. In the pagan calendar, a winter solstice marks the end of the old year and the beginning of a new year, born in the light of the returning sun. But it is in the Roman calendar we find the most hints about how our current traditions came into being.

December 24 was the feast of Saturnalia in the Roman Calendar. According to tradition, Saturn is often pictured with a sickle like figures of death. He was the old god who ate his own children to stop them from surpassing him. The only way for light to flourish, for the new god to be born, was to vanquish the old god.

The battle between light and dark is a common feature in many cultures that celebrate winter and the new year around the time of the solstice. Having defeated the old god Saturn, until swept up in the Persian religion of Mithra, the Romans celebrated December 25 as Juvenalia, the celebration of new life, a holiday to honour children.

Once the religion of Mithra was adopted by a majority of Romans, the December 25 celebration was altered. It became the day to celebrate the birth of the god inconquerable, Sol Invictus. The birth of Christ, on the other hand, was originally celebrated in January, usually on the 6th.

The key feature to these celebrations was a celebration of light. Advent and Hanukkah were festivals of light. The twelve days of Christmas, celebrated in song, began originally on December 25th and ended January 6, officially launching the new year.

One tradition of Christianity that has fallen by the wayside was the traditional lighting of the Christmas Candle, at one time a popular custom throughout Great Britain, Ireland and Scandinavia. The eldest female head of household would light a large candle Christmas eve, before the feasting began. It was then lighted each of the 12 days of Christmas. Tradition said the weather on each of the 12 days represented the weather for the upcoming 12 months.

The candle could only be extinguished by tongs. Otherwise, should someone blow out the light of the Christmas Candle, they would blow away all of the luck.

All of these celebrations ended in early January and this seems to be why we celebrate both a solstice and a new year in this time....

But once again, this isn't official. It is only surmise :)

Something to Note Today
by GreatGodBal, Deputy Mayor

--- Sunday December 25 --- I am not a Christian. But I object to the attempt to hijack this season and turn it into something non-denominational. Call it what you will, Christmas, Kwanza, Hanukkah, Yule, this is a time of celebration, a welcoming of the light of the sun in preparation for spring.

If you tell me Merry Christmas, I will recognize in you a good spirit hoping I enjoy the delights of the season. And I will thank you. I will even return the greeting, as I was raised in a culture that has partaken in Christmas for as long as I can remember.

If you wish me seasonal or holiday greetings, I may reply with a hearty Merry Christmas. This isn't an attempt to abuse your sensibilities. I am only recognizing in your greeting a sincere good wish. And I expect you to see mine as the exact same thing.

So, no matter your faith, colour or creed, I wish you all a Merry Christmas. You don't have to reply in kind. But please wish me well as that is all I mean for you on this day :)


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